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The climate crisis has reached our society in a palpable way. It is complex, multifaceted and threatening. Young people, in particular, are suffering anxiety and a sense of powerlessness because of it. How can we support young people and inspire them to face this challenge with hope and determination?

The World Climate Game is an interactive three-day app-supported board game on the topic of climate change and sustainability. Based on a scientifically-founded climate and economic simulation, it makes the interactions and interrelationships of the world climate crisis experiential in a playful way. The game world mirrors the conditions and crises of the reality. Participants take on responsibility for the global economy, geopolitics and social justice and assume the roles of decision-makers from business, politics and civil society. They have a century (10 game rounds) to implement an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable societal and economic order.

The game is designed to help teenagers and young adults comprehend the complex interrelationships of a globally interconnected world shaped by mutual dependencies. They face the challenges of our time and collaboratively and self-effectively work out solutions for a sustainable world through co-operation, negotiation skills, and empathy.

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„The more powerful general intelligence is, the greater its ability to address specific problems.“

Edgar Morin (The Seven Knowledges Necessary for Future Education)

Who is the Weitblickgesellschaft?

Who is the Weitblickgesellschaft?

We are a young and versatile team deeply committed to social engagement. Our projects not only encompass our knowledge but also our passion.

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The World Climate Game allows for an understanding of the complex climate crisis through playful exploration.

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Here, we report on news and developments surrounding the World Climate Game.

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17.6.-19.6.2024 | Lower Austria | SZ Ybbs an der Donau plays for a sustainable future!

From June 17th to 19th, 2024, we will be in the beautiful city of Ybbs an der Donau with our World Climate Game! Students from the Ybbs school center will spend three days engaging with the topics of sustainability and climate protection in a playful manner. They will dive into the world of renewable energies, environmentally conscious consumption, and sustainable mobility.

24.06.-26.06.2024 I Vienna I HTL Camillo Sitte easily solves our world problems!

This week, students will be shown the global effects of climate change with the World Climate Game. This is a unique opportunity to sensitize students to the pressing environmental problems of our time and to encourage them to take action.

24.06.-28.06.2024 I Serfaus-Tirol I World Climate Game meets School on the Farm

Under the motto "Learning, experiencing, and understanding," the classroom is exchanged for the great outdoors, the fields, meadows, and forests. With the exciting and educational World Climate Game, there is a great opportunity to playfully explain pressing environmental issues and the complex interconnections of our modern times. It will be a week full of exciting experiences, new insights, and unforgettable moments in the beautiful nature of Serfaus-Tirol.