„“It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.“


Become a Certified Game Leader!

Do you have educational experience and would like to run the World Climate Game yourself?

As an innovative tool for climate and environmental education, the World Climate Game can be used as a didactic and methodical instrument to deepen understanding and knowledge of climate and global sustainability in both school and extracurricular contexts.
You can book our qualified trainers for your organisation or you can become a qualified trainer and run the game in your own educational institution or company yourself!

In our training seminars you will be introduced to the game method step by step. You will learn about methodology, game mechanisms, backgrounds, and learning objectives. We provide you with practical training and tips for independent use.

The training to become a World Climate Game Master concludes with a certification that entitles you to perform the game independently. The following training modules must be completed in order to be allowed to play:

1. A complete gaming experience as a participant (3 days)
2. Participation in a 2.5 day game management seminar (in Vienna)
3. An internship at a game with the target group

For more information please contact:

Mag. Matthias Mittelberger