„The more powerful general intelligence is, the greater its ability to address specific problems.“

Edgar Morin (The Seven Knowledges Necessary for Future Education)

The Idea

A Game with a Big Impact!

The World Climate Game has been developed over the past three years on behalf of the non-profit organisation Weitblick GmbH, in collaboration with experts in education, psychology, and climate science. It is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and the IPCC report.

The World Climate Game deepens factual knowledge and promotes life skills and formation of values. Group enjoyment during play heightens the awareness of global interrelationships and individual actions. This innovative tool for climate and environmental education uses playful re-enactment to impart knowledge and understanding of the complex ecological, economic and social challenges of our time.

Game Overview

Category: App-supported simulation board game for climate and environmental education
Target audience: Young people aged 13 and up
Time frame: 3 days/ 5 half days (recommended), total approx. 21 hours
Recommended number of players: 25 to 30 people
Game board dimensions: 150 x 150 cm
Requirements: Large room, table island in the centre, circle of chairs, projector, tables, pinboards, internet access

The Target Audience and Application Fields

As an innovative tool for climate and environmental education, the World Climate Game can be used as a didactic and methodical instrument to deepen understanding and knowledge of climate and global sustainability in both school and extracurricular contexts.

Possible Application Areas:

  • General and vocational schools of various focuses (Secondary Level I and II)
  • Educational institutions (students and learners from various disciplines such as universities, pedagogical colleges and adult education)
  • NGOs, associations, and leisure educational institutions
  • Companies in apprenticeship training