„What we do today will determine what the world looks like tomorrow.“

Boris Pasternak

About Us

Weitblick: Sustainable. Independent. Interdisciplinary

Weitblick GmbH is a nonprofit, politically and financially independent organization based in Vorarlberg with a branch in Vienna. As such, we develop and promote innovative projects in the fields of psychosocial health promotion, education, environmental and climate education and environmental protection.

Mission and Purpose

Our goal at Weitblick GmbH is to contribute sustainably to positive societal development. We believe that the path to an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable society can only be achieved through awareness and personal development of the individual. The existential-analytic human image of Viktor E. Frankl provides clear guidance because societal challenges first and foremost represent challenges for the individual.

Our Responsibility

Consciousness Raising, Knowledge Sharing

We develop educational projects and programs and share related studies with dedicated individuals or institutions. As such, we invite you with pleasure to participate and exchange. Weitblick conferences, forums, conferences, symposia, workshops, fireside chats, and other events are ideal formats for this purpose because knowledge only multiplies when it is shared.

Interdisciplinary Research

We conduct research at the intersection of psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy, sociology, educational science, ecology, and economics. We employ both quantitative and qualitative research methods, following a hermeneutic-phenomenological approach. Our research focus is primarily application-oriented and aligns with current societal challenges.

Collaborations, Support and Expertise

We support and promote external activities and projects that align with the goals and objectives of Weitblick GmbH, provided that capacities are available. We also provide structural and content expertise, such as financial planning or evaluation processes.