„The more powerful general intelligence is, the greater its ability to address specific problems.“

Edgar Morin (The Seven Knowledges Necessary for Future Education)

For anyone interested!

Together Strong for a Sustainable Global Society!

The World Climate Game enables evidence-based, immersive group learning. As a tool for climate and environmental education, it imparts knowledge and skills, strengthens and inspires, promotes self-efficacy and creates hopeful perspectives for a sustainable future. It can be used as a didactic and methodical instrument to deepen understanding and knowledge of climate and global sustainability in both school and extracurricular contexts.

Possible Areas of Application::

  • General and vocational schools of various focuses (Secondary Level I and II)
  • Educational institutions (students and learners from various disciplines such as universities, pedagogical colleges and adult education)
  • NGOs, associations, and leisure educational institutions
  • Companies in apprenticeship training

One of our key objectives is making the World Climate Game accessible to a broad audience and increasing the participation of disadvantaged groups in environmental and climate education while breaking down educational barriers. To reach as many teenagers and young adults as possible, we collaborate with various educational institutions and multipliers from Austria and abroad.

Use the World Climate Game for your own training and further education offerings and become our partner! For more information please contact us: info@weltklimaspiel.org