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20.06.2024 | Vienna | The World Climate Game wins the main prize for science communication in the field of social-ecological transformation!

This award from the AK Vienna and the ÖGB Climate Office recognizes the dedication of our game to communicate complex scientific insights about climate change in an understandable, pedagogically valuable, and entertaining way. We are delighted by this recognition and proud to contribute to raising awareness and education in the field of climate protection.

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26.8.-28.8.2024 I Melk I Summer Campus of KPH Vienna/Krems - The World Climate Game – A Pedagogical Tool for Solving the Climate Crisis

This seminar offers participants the opportunity to experience the innovative tool for climate and environmental education for themselves. Subsequently, the practical game experiences with regard to the didactic and methodological potentials of "game-based learning" will be reflected on and the learning fields of climate knowledge and global sustainability will be deepened.

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09.09.-11.09.2024 I GRG II Vienna I Students of GRG II in Vienna slip into the role of climate decision-makers

The students will experience exciting challenges in the World Climate Game. The World Climate Game aims to sensitize students to climate protection and to make them active shapers of a sustainable future. The innovative "World Climate Game" offers the opportunity to explain theoretical concepts of climate science in an appealing and educational way.

16.09.-20.09.2024 I Salzburg I The Bundesgymnasium Hallein is ready for the Climate Challenge?

In cooperation with the province of Salzburg and the Haus der Natur Salzburg, students of the BRG Hallein are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge about climate and sustainability. We hope that the World Climate Game will motivate you to work for environmental protection and to use our resources more consciously and to master the challenges of our time in a playful way.

17.09.-19.09.2024 I Eisenstadt I Burgenland I The World Climate Game - an educational tool to solve the climate crisis at the PH Burgenland

The World Climate Game is particularly suitable as an educational tool for educators. It offers an interactive opportunity to sensitize students to the topic of climate protection and motivate them to become active. As a tool for climate and environmental education, the board simulation game conveys knowledge and understanding of the complex ecological, economic and social challenges of our time through playful comprehension. It deepens expertise, promotes life skills and the formation of values.

24.09.-26.09.2024 I Upper Austria I BRG Schloss Traunsee discovers the power of sustainable action in a playful way!

At the end of September, we will visit Upper Austria and present our innovative board simulation game to students of the BRG Schloss Traunsee. They will have the unique opportunity to approach the topics of globalization and climate protection in a playful way and to gain practical experience in the field of climate protection and to develop creative solutions to environmental problems.